Lauren Nicholas Exclusive contemporary fitted furniture for all living spaces. Italian passion. British precision. Above all… beautifully detailed furniture.


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Exclusive contemporary fitted furniture for all living spaces. Italian passion. British precision.

Above all… beautifully detailed furniture.


At Lauren Nicholas we give you piece of mind that your kitchen will look and feel beautiful for years to come, which is why we guarantee your furniture and workmanship for five years. The installation is the final, and most distinguishable part, of the process. Our dedicated installations manager checks over each detail of the design on site and ensures a smooth process by liaising with all parties.



It’s always a pleasure working with Lauren Nicholas for our design projects. Collaborating with Emma and the team for our kitchen needs from concept to completion is an enjoyable process and we know that everything is taken care of and each detail carefully considered.

They go the extra mile to deliver the perfect kitchen which is why we decided to work with Lauren Nicholas for our projects overseas in France and the Caribbean as well as our kitchen needs for projects in the UK. The results were outstanding and we were impressed with the way the projects were handled start to finish. We look forward to many more collaborations in the future!

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Living in hard water areas brings with it maintenance, which is particularly important with steam appliances and boiling water taps. Scale build up will not only stop the appliance working correctly, but also reduce the lifespan. With boiling water taps, you could find that the taste is affected. General family use will mean filters need replacing between six and twelve months, with most appliance manufacturers offering specialist descaling service calls too, if a ‘deep clean’ is required.

At Lauren Nicholas we aid the process by ensuring that filters are easily accessible and all information is readily available to order replacement cartridges.

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Natural stone is a beautiful material and as such comes with natural variations in colour and markings; these give it it’s natural warmth and beauty. We offer our clients the choice of selecting their own slabs or choosing us to do this on their behalf.

All stone products are treated with “Lithofin” sealant before installation. The sealant, which is silicone based, impregnates the surface of the material and thereby protects it from liquids and prevents it from staining. Natural stone surfaces need to be properly maintained. They should be cleaned and resealed on a regular basis, depending on the type of stone. The cleaning materials which should be used to clean natural stone should not contain any acidic or corrosive elements as this will damage all natural and composite items.


As timber is a natural material its colour and texture can look slightly uneven, which is not a fault but a valuable feature.  Where possible try not to expose wood to direct sunlight as this can create lightening over time.  Cleaning wooden surfaces is best done with a microfibre cloth, lightly damp with warm water.  Rub the surfaces in the direction of the grain to remove dirt from the pores.  After cleaning wipe with a dry cloth to prevent smearing or moisture damage. Do not use steel wool, abrasive sponges, detergents such as acetone, trichloroethylene, ammonia or furniture polishing waxes.

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